Our Mission

Right this moment, loving parents are providing round-the-clock demanding care for their seriously ill child. They are exhausted, and need a chance to emotionally and physically recharge.

Children's Lighthouse of Minnesota is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building an independent home to provide short respite breaks for children with life-limiting conditions and families, and an option beyond the hospital or home environment for compassionate hospice care at the end of life.

The first of its kind in the Midwest and the fourth to be built in this country, Children's Lighthouse will offer a family-focused environment. Along with therapy rooms and recreational space, family suites will be designed so that families may stay together while enjoying a temporary vacation from the constant demands of caregiving. Skilled professionals will be on-site to provide daily care, meals, pain and symptom control, and therapies that include music, art and hydrotherapy.

Children and kids 0-21 years old will be able to stay at Children's Lighthouse in one of 8-10 bedrooms for respite stays and as a sacred place at the end-of-life. The home will also offer 3-4 suites so that the family may remain close if they choose while receiving physical and emotional respite, and have the opportunity to develop meaningful and supportive relationships with other families with similar experiences.

Did you know there are currently over 40 hospice homes for children in England/UK, several in Canada, two in Australia and many others around the world? In most cities around the United States you will find over 4,700 hospice homes created to serve adults, with less than a handful created specifically for children. Click here to learn more about the Need and Terminology

It is time for us to provide this loving and unique care for children and families right here in Minnesota – so that children can live fully even if their life is short, and so that families can feel supported and nurtured to provide the challenging cares they face. 

As you know, Minnesota is recognized for it's nationally renowned hospitals and programs for children. Hospitals are necessary for urgent, acute care and treatments, but not always ideal or necessary for respite or end-of-life care unless the child is in need of or desiring hospital-level care. Even though some hospitals may offer a larger room to accommodate a child who is dying and his/her family, they are typically near other hospital rooms where children are receiving care and treatment. In fact, children's hospital providers in the Twin Cities all agree that there is a great need for a pediatric hospice and respite care home, and it is our goal to work collaboratively. Children’s Lighthouse of Minnesota will provide palliative care (pain and symptom control) during respite stays in between treatments and at the end-of-life, after treatments have been completed. In doing so, we will collaborate with the child's primary provider and other organizations in our community that serve children.

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